How could one day near a volcano at the farm “Kiwanda Maji” impact my family more than any other experience during our 3 years living in Costa Rica?

“You can choose 5 items from the menu, but I recommend you start with 2 or 3 then decide if you need more”, our tour guide told us.

On a day when we saw the most beautiful blue river and waterfall you can imagine, toucans flying overhead, monkeys climbing through the trees, ate fruit straight from the tree, and felt like we had experienced the garden of Eden… our guide’s simple request to enjoy only what we needed – and the lifestyle of those on the farm – impacted us more than anything else.

The people we met at Kiwanda Maji farm near the Rincon de la Vieja volcano in the Alajuela Province of Costa Rica demonstrated this inspirational lifestyle for us when we visited for the day.

Take a look at the owner’s simple home:

Now, guess who has a bigger home than the owner?

Yup – it’s the chickens! And geese, turkeys, and ducks… they have a nicer house than the owner of the farm. (That’s their house in the background of the photo).

Over the past 8 months since leaving Costa Rica, I’ve been reflecting on different experiences, like our trip to Kiwanda Maji.

Because our experiences had such a great impact on us, I want to share more of them with you because I think they’ll inspire and impact you too – even if you don’t get to travel to Costa Rica.

For now, I’ll share just a little more about our experience on the farm…

Shannon and I discovered this waterfall after strolling through the farm, where Grace plucked a piece of fruit off of a tree and ate it as we walked.

During our tour, we witnessed how they lived out their values –

  • They milked their cows by hand rather than using machinery because they only took what they needed to feed those living on the farm, and a small amount to sell at the local market
  • The cows, goats, and other animals had plenty of space to roam and graze
  • A farmer was cleaning the pigs’ immaculate pens when we arrived – then we saw him cleaning them again before we left
  • They crafted an incredibly peaceful, beautiful, and unforgettable experience for us as their guests – just take a look at where they invited us to have lunch and relax after the tour…

Kiwanda Maji had opened to visitors only recently. They were grateful for the paradise they had been given and clearly found joy in sharing their values and resources with us.

And we learned the value of using only what we need, and that we can find joy in practicing genuine hospitality and sharing what we have with others.

By the way – we went to Kiwanda Maji because our friends Tomás and Laura had visited and told us about their experience. Thanks to them, my family had an experience that I can now share with you.

What about you – Have you ever visited a place or met someone briefly that changed your life?

Leave a comment below and share your story.

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Ben's life was changed while living in Costa Rica and now he helps others experience how Costa Rica can impact their life.

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