This Interview With The President Of Costa Rica Blew My Mind

This interview with Carlos Alvarado Quesada, the President of Costa Rica, blew my mind for 3 reasons:

  1. He sees opportunity where others see roadblocks
  2. He thanks and credits those who came before him rather than blaming them
  3. He takes a holistic view of the issue rather than a narrow one through the lens of his own agenda or interests

Some questions we should ask ourselves after watching this:

  1. How can we adopt this approach in our own life?
  2. Why should we do that?
  3. How could we change our life and lives around us if we adopt the President’s approach to things we currently see as roadblocks, burdens others have laid on us, or our own limited perspective on important issues?

Leave a comment below with your own takeaway from this video, or answers to these questions.

Published by Ben Dambman

Ben's life was changed while living in Costa Rica and now he helps others experience how Costa Rica can impact their life.